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    John Mancuso’s Project Management course (rated 4.5 out of 5) continues to be one of our top-rated sessions.

    - Devra Schachter, Sr. Specialist, Learning & Growth, Grubhub




    Thank you for a great course! It was my first time really learning about project management as I start to take on some bigger projects in my role and I found it really valuable - especially the planning docs and breakout sessions. Thanks so much for your time and making it a really enjoyable experience!

    - Annie Kineavy, Enterprise Client Success Manager

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    John initially came in to do one workshop about project management with some of our senior staff. The results were so overwhelmingly positive we quickly brought him back to discuss with the VP-level staff how to institutionalize the key methods and ideas from his workshop. We continue working with him on other projects with employees from all levels of the organization.

    -Adrienne Imbriaco, Vice President, Administration and Strategic Projects

    John Mancuso brought an unexpected note of compassion and warm humor to his workshops, which were also serious, strategic, and logical. Being new to the organization, his group exercises helped me rapidly integrate with and befriend staff members who otherwise would still be strangers to me. This has resulted in increased collaboration, improved workflow, and made work in general a happier place to be. Very grateful to John!

    --Estee Pierce, Director of Prospect Management & Development Operations

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    John consulted with us to analyze a large process central to our employees’ success. Through a comprehensive needs assessment, he was able to recommend and help execute strategies that strategically marshaled our internal resources. Not a subject matter expert in our space, John quickly synthesized a lot of complex information about our business in order to achieve this. In addition, he produced thorough deliverables and effectively engaged with many stakeholders at all levels of the organization.


    -- Diane Martin, Senior Human Resources Business Partner


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    John did a long-range, comprehensive training with our group. It involved multiple areas of communication, most notably the best practices of writing for the thousands of yearly reports that ultimately affect budgeting and policy for New York City subway service. He immediately won even the most entrenched employees' trust and respect with his uncanny ability to reach all types of people. And with that, came a small transformation in the way we do business.

    -Lisa Tavare, Superintendent, Rail Control Center

    I took one of John's classes on Managing Performance at NYCT. I found it really useful and immediately put the lessons I'd learned into practice. At that time, our department was looking at ways to improve performance for all of its managers and John's teaching style and content were a perfect fit. We hired him as an internal consultant. He worked really closely with us to understand our needs and the personalities in the department and tailored the course to fit. The feedback from our managers was universally positive, even from those who weren't initially bought in to improve their skills.

    -Maeve Clements, Director, Operations Planning


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    John was a gifted addition to a unique team of educators who promoted active learning through faculty development across the United States. His experiences as a mentor to faculty combined with his deep knowledge of effective pedagogy and curriculum in higher education made him a popular choice for workshops and webinars for TeamUP, a part of Cengage Learning. His insights and creativity both engaged and educated his audiences

    --Maggi Miller, former Manager of Faculty Programs

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    John Mancuso is an outstanding facilitator who knows how to keep employees engaged and interested throughout their new hire training experience. He was also able to manage a complex level of detail, as well as content and messaging changes from a diverse set of subject matter experts and stakeholders across the enterprise. John has a very warm and welcoming presence in front of an audience. John uses vivid examples and analogies to capture the attention of his audience as well as a healthy dose of humor. I believe John’s skills as a consultant would greatly benefit any company or organization who hires him.

    --Gloria Turner, Manager, Talent Development


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    Working with John has been an absolute joy. He is talented, thoughtful and wise. He has a capacity to share complex information in an approachable way. He is excellent with details and follow up and is a real asset to us. We love working with John and look forward to our next project together!

    --Maureen McNamara, Founder


    John was thoroughly prepared and organized for the webinar we hosted with him. His approach to the topic of conflict resolution was anything but ordinary. We had expected to hear a lot of things we had heard before, but John’s content was so unique and effective. We know the participants benefited from his rigor.

    --Heather Walls, Executive Assistant

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    I worked with John on a Business Writing course for our Project Management staff. He made every effort to customize the examples and exercises to meet out audiences’ needs. He was quick to answer any questions and make comments on the work performed by participants. It was my pleasure to work with John

    -- Sally MacIssac, Learning and Development Consultant, Consigli Construction


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    John did a long-term, comprehensive project with our group. John was easy to work with and did a great job making sure he understood our process and goals before jumping in with his own recommendations. Although we changed our direction multiple times, John was adaptable and professional during all changes. He won over our most critical team members and ultimately helped us create an amazing content plan with a detailed engagement plan.

    -- Glo Cuiffi, COO, Garage Composites


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    We have a diverse group of members in the hospitality industry and hoped John would customize his training to meet our needs. Not only did he meet those needs, he exceeded our expectations. His workshop was relevant to our members, well planned, and delivered with a great sense of humor. John was ready for every excuse and reason our members identified as a hindrance to effectively training their staff. He brought real world industry related solutions for us to efficiently use limited training time. John’s ideas about navigating the difficult area of diverse goals and their contribution towards the business’s goals were spot on and immediately useful. John was able to give our members the tools they needed to help with hiring, training, and retaining great staff.

    --Toni L. D’Onofrio, Vice President, Chefs’ Association of Westchester and Lower Connecticut: American Culinary Federation


    John consulted with me about my business plan. I found him to be a quick responder who was very generous with his time. He helped me produce a fantastic product. I give him five starts!

    --Andrew Payyappillly, Coromandel Restaurants, New York and Connecticut

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    John ran very engaging and compelling professional development and pedagogical methodology workshops when he was my supervisor at the Art Institute of New York City. He also put his training into practice by galvanizing an embattled group of unionized faculty he inherited. During his tenure, they collaborated on the creation of two new academic programs, as well as the comprehensive institutional self studies and supporting documentation required for the College's re-accreditation visits. Without his commitment to fostering authentic, cooperative communication, he could have never produced these unanticipated results.

    -Kathryn Keller Larkins, Assistant Professor, Art and Design


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    John executed a very engaging class that was full of energy. The exercises clearly addressed the learning objectives and solidified the key concepts.

    --Tim Osborne, Senior Director, Training Services