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    A recent study, conducted before the Great Resignation, reported that 87% of business leaders have made retaining employees the number-one priority. Additional research cites nearly half of employees quit their jobs because of a bad manager. 56% of employees think managers are promoted prematurely and 60% think managers need managerial training.


    Research has always shown the step from individual contributor to supervisor is the most difficult transition for both individuals and organizations--with retention rates for new supervisors beyond three months as low as 50% in some industries in which I have consulted!


    There is good news to be found in these statistics; people can learn to be good managers—and good managers can create healthy workplaces where people remain loyal, dedicated employees. And even better news: Authentic Communication Matters offers you a dynamic, engaging and effective path to attain these things.


    Take this quiz to see where you stand on your ability to lead, manage and inspire…


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    0-25 You will really benefit from training

    26-41 You can certainly learn a few things from training 

    42-49 Take a training course and have your peers learn from you


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